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Lord of the Rings - Star Wars - Harry Potter

A Multi-Fandom Icon Contest

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This is an icontest community. At the beginning of the week (most likely Monday), a challenge will be posted. Your job as the icon maker is to follow the rules and instructions within the challenge (filter, crop, colorize, use effects/brushes and use any text). You can make as many icons as you want for each challenge. The reasoning behind this rule is that you can only win one award. So even if you submit 50 good icons, you can only receive one placing. But be careful - sometimes the specific challenge rules will say to do specific things.

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01. You may enter as many icons as you wish to.
02. Icons must meet the LiveJournal requirements (under 40KB and 100x100, .gif, .jpg, or .png).
03. Don't post your icon for public use until the contest is over.
04. You can usually use whatever pictures you want to, unless stated otherwise.
05. Please, post the URL under your icon. It makes it easier for us.
06. Don't vote for your own icon, please.
07. Make a new icon for every challenge. Please do not post one you made a long time ago. This means you cannot use your icon or post it anywhere till the voting period is over.
08. Even if you have submitted icons a couple of days ago, you can still sumbit more and put them in a different comment. I don't care if you have 9 comments with one icon in them each, it doesn't really matter.
09. Don't put your username in the filename of your icon. We want this to be anonymous!
10. Do not use bases made by other icon makers. In other words don't take a base, slap text on it, and enter it in the challenge.
11. No telling your friends to vote for you. It breaks rule #6 and it's not fair to the people who follow the rules.
12. And lastly, have fun!

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Once a challenge is posted on Mondays, you have until the following Friday at 9PM PST to post your icon. Late entries will not be part of the week's challenge. You must post your icon entries as a comment and they will be screened for specific reasons.

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Voting for the week's challenge will start late on Fridays or early Saturdays and end at 5PM on Sundays. Any late vote won't be counted. This will give the moderators time to accumulate the results and post the winners late Sundays or early Mondays.

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Maintainer: phoenixdragon06, Primary Moderator: yodaisbetter, Summer Moderator: noelani_sitara

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Challenge #1: Star Wars - Revenge of the Sith - Yoda (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #2: Drama (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #3: Last Moments (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #4: The Bad Guys (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #5: Action (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #6: Triplet/Color Icons (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #7: The Chosen One (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #8: Black and White (at least 50%) (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #9: Items (no people) (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #10: Random Cap Challenge (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #11: Random Character Challenge (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #12: Anger (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #13: Through the Ages (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #14: Yoda, Dobby, Smeagol (Gollum) (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #15: Random Relationships (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #16: Community Icon (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #17: Lord of the Rings caps (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #18: Ghosts (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #19: Lyrical Challenge - Into the West (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #20: Lyrical Challenge - Something Wicked This Way Comes (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #21: Lyrical Challenge - Galaxy Far Away (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #22: B&W with some color (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #23: Lyrical Challenge - "Angel" by Aerosmith (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #24: Random Caps Challenge (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #25: Places (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #26: Faceless (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #27: End Scenes (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #28: Forgotten Characters (Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #29: Mostly Blue (Voting) (Winners)
Challenge #30: In Da Hood (Voting) (Winners)
Challenge #31: Best Friends (Voting) (Winners)
Challenge #32: SW Only (Voting) (Winners)
Challenge #33: LOTR Only(Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #34: HP Only(Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #35: Dream A Little Dream(Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #36: Required Resources(Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #37: Caps Challenge(Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #38: Happiness(Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #39: Objects(Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #40: Chaos(Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #42: One Word(Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #43: Emotion(Voting)(Winners)
Challenge #44: Cropping(Voting)(Winners)

How do I enter?

First off, you need to get an account at either http://www.photobucket.com or http://www.imageshack.com . From either of those websites, you need to upload your entry. To enter, go to the post where the contest is posted, and hit reply. In the reply box, your response would look something like this:

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To have your response look like this, this is the html you need to be able to use: